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    What is anti-static air box?

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    What is anti-static air box?

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    Anti-static air box

    A technical indicators required:

    1: with ordinary air box packaging (moisture, rain, crash, short-distance manual transport, handling convenience)

    2: more than ordinary air box crash, drop function: (1 m natural drop box and the product are not damaged, 2 m natural drop empty box no significant deformation)

    3: Exceed the normal life of the aging of the air box: ((outdoor state no significant rust within 5 years, the plate did not peeling phenomenon, the upper and lower box to match the natural docking)

    4: With a permanent and quick elimination of the product itself carrying electrostatic and intrusive electrostatic special features,


    Reference standard:

    SJ / T11277-2002 (General Specifications for Anti-Static Rotation Vessels)

    SJ / T10694-2006 (Electronic product manufacturing and application of anti-static test common specification)

    European Union IEC 60093: 1980 (Methods of test for volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid electrical insulating materials)

    EU IEC61340-5-1 (Electrostatic protection of electronic devices - General requirements of electronic devic

    American ANSI / ESD S20.20 (ANSI / ESD ESD Association standard) ANSI / ESD S20.20 (American National Standards Institute ANSI / ESD ESD Association standard)

    (Laboratory testing proved: After the product is pressurized 100V, the charge disappears within 2 seconds, the charge disappears within 10 seconds after the pressurization 1000V, irregular repeated test, the data are basically the same)

    Two material configuration

    1: Plates generally use anti-static melamine composite board, the surface resistivity of 10-8 in the 6-8 between the parties. Can also be considered with anti-static features such as pvc composite board. But pvc aging and surface strength than melamine.

    2: Hardware accessories generally use environmentally friendly galvanized, mainly the long-term use of customers is not easy to rust. Chrome is now commonly used in China, but under outdoor conditions, its life will not rust for more than 2 years.

    3: The interior cotton must be more than 10mm thick anti-static EVA, the required surface resistivity of 10-8 in the 6-8 between the volume resistivity of 10-8 in between the 6-8.

    4: castors or foot pads must be anti-static material, requiring surface resistivity, volume resistivity (section cut test) in the 4-8 power of 10 between.

    Pure metal casters or pads have many weaknesses during operation and stacking, but better antistatic properties can be used where appropriate.

    5: wheel bracket is anti-static caster and the connection box, you must use steel or aluminum.

    6: Anti-collision cotton box around the width of the required box at 50mm, the thickness of the bag over the general thickness of the line over the prominent, the material to EVA /, rubber is better.

    Three technical points

    1: the size of the design of the aviation box by product specifications (usually the inner box is greater than the product 4-10mm)

    2: The installation of hardware components linked box

    3: Installation of steel pallet in the corresponding position of the wheel well

    3: Paste antistatic EVA inside the box

    4: The anti-static caster holes corresponding to punch piercing steel pallet - pad - anti-static cotton

    5: The four-claw nut stuck in the anti-static cotton with a tightened, (to ensure anti-static cotton and four-prong nuts intimate bonding, and pressed into anti-static cotton)

    6: With the instrument to detect the resistivity of each box point to ground, with no more than 10 9 as the qualified.

    7: ion air gun blow off the product after the residual electrostatic residue and dust

    Four design principles

    1: The product is placed in the air box - The electrostatic charge carried by the product is diluted with anti-static cotton and dissipated through the ground that is conductively connected with the anti-static casters.

    2: external intrusive electrostatic charge through the hardware and steel pallet connected anti-static caster directly dissipated dissipated after grounding.

    Now on the market there is also the use of ordinary EVA anti-static cloth fitted anti-static air box to do the interior, but the elimination of static electricity is a dilution - dissipation - elimination process. Anti-static cloth dilution capacity is limited, and there is no dissipation, the function of eliminating static electricity, is not recommended. There are also some companies using a metal wire attached to the EVA, exposed to extend the grounding to eliminate static electricity, so carry more electrostatic charge of the product suddenly discharged, it will burn the product, but also the product due to the formation of different density Scratch, if the one-time use of the packaging is acceptable, anti-static air box is a multi-cycle packaging, it is not recommended.

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