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    Airbox aluminum box structure and composition of materials

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    Airbox aluminum box structure and composition of materials

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    Air box composition: the box surface with fire-retardant material, with fire, water, acid and alkali effect, the wall according to the actual use of 9MM to 12MM imported or joint venture log splint; bottom according to different load with 12MM to 18MM splint As a wheel support; around the use of different thickness and width of the various types of aluminum reinforcement; box according to the actual use of paste 10MM to 20MM of EVA (shock, moisture) materials; hardware accessories are: butterfly lock, Package, with brake universal PU sub and whirlpool, pumping hands and so on.

    Plywood: Now fierce competition, some colleagues in order to reduce the price of the box and do not meet the design requirements of the material, such as the use of 8mm instead of 9mm splint, or even use some of the worse plate (MDF, Daxinban), so the box After wet plate will swell, so can not be used normally.

    Aluminum: Aluminum is also the thickness of the points, aluminum is the skeleton of the box, in addition to the thickness of the box to determine the aesthetic appearance of the outside, more importantly, in the box to withstand external impact, keep the box solid. Aluminum must use the oxidation of aluminum processing, because there is no oxidation process of aluminum, as long as the place for a period of time will be naturally oxidized, dull, a direct impact on the appearance of the box.

    Hardware: The structure of the hardware, the thickness of the material, a direct impact on the use of the cabinet time, and now many manufacturers or users like to use plated metal products, because the short-term looks more beautiful, but the actual use of plated products As long as the impact, the plating layer is very easy to damage, damage will rust; and although the ordinary appearance of galvanized hardware products, but it can automatically release the decomposition of protective layer, anti-damage ability, so as to achieve good anti-rust effect.

    Vibration-proof layer: High-density (EVA glue) and EPE in the box. The density, hardness and thickness of these two kinds of cotton determine the degree of protection and shock resistance of the carried items; all three parameters must be moderate, the density and the hardness too High, will affect the shockproof effect; too low, easy to sag, affecting the service life.

           The last one is the most crucial parts is the wheel, the wheel of many types, there are PVC wheels, PU wheels, wheels and so on, and according to other parameters of the wheel such as single bearing, double bearing, single brake, double brake, Can withstand the level of temperature, weight; price from a few to dozens of pieces of a range of wheels directly determines the normal transport of the box, place and use the length of time.

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