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    Apocalypse air box wide use and more advantages

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    Apocalypse air box wide use and more advantages

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    The ever-changing global economy will inevitably require the industrialization of products to become more and more scientific and technological, and increasingly high-tech products in the transport and ease of use put forward higher protection measures. The traditional simple wooden box packaging and transportation simply can not solve the shortcomings of these high-tech products in the long-distance transport can not be effectively protected and mobility is poor, resulting in a drawback of this new transport packaging products - aviation box. The ever-increasing cross-border trade has entered the golden stage for the use and development of aviation boxes, especially in the field of high-tech equipment such as stage lighting equipment, medical equipment, audio-visual system multimedia, optoelectronics and military transport packaging and military equipment transportation .

     Air box features advantages

    The increase of the value of high-tech products determines that the carrier of the product has a higher protection function of the air box. The external structure of the air box is stamped into a wooden box by the ABS fire board which is more rigid than the multi-layer splint. Each side of the wooden box Adopt a certain thickness and strength of aluminum alloy profiles, each corner of the box with high-strength metal ball angle and alloy aluminum edge and plywood connection and fixing, the bottom of the box with a strong ability to withstand and wear PU wheel combination ; Internal structure: Cabinet can be installed according to the characteristics of the separator, the box inside and the partition paste soft EVA composite solid back to the material, the material is light, heat, shock, moisture, flame, oxidation, sealing Features. Inside and outside the structure of the air box and materials to determine the fire box, waterproof, anti-impact, mobility and other advantages of exhaustive, while the diversity of fire board color visually more attractive. The company is located in:


    Shenzhen Tian Kai Co., Ltd. luggage for everyone to provide quality products to distinguish between the table table:


    How to choose good quality, high tolerance of the air box, please refer to the following table:


    Comparison of high-quality products, poor quality products Wood planks thickness of 12mm, five GB GB,


    No deformation after damp, good strength, impact resistance .9 mm plate thickness of only about 7mm, non-GB three-layer board,


    Most of the poplar wood, after the deformation of the damp rot, the intensity is not good


    Aluminum All aluminum oxide, Baotou aluminum width of 35mm, thickness of about 2mm aluminum alloy are not all oxidation, Baotou aluminum width of 30mm, thickness of about 1mm


    Earthquake-resistant materials, all new materials, new cotton, good elasticity, shock-proof effect of Level II, and more use of EAV cotton sponge all the old materials used in the production of EVA, flexibility is not good, use more Zhenzhu Mian and high foam.

    All hardware hardware accessories with hot-dip galvanized products, aluminum box work good strength, pumping hand with 10mm diameter, more hardware plating in the workshop processing, poor workmanship, pumping hand with 8MM products,

    Wheel with 3.5-inch or 4-inch large double-bearing polyester wheels, load up to 150KG / a or choose to enhance the carrying capacity of 200KG / load, wheel thickness up to 4mm thick. The use of 3-inch small single bearing PVC wheel or the use of board thickness 2mm, the maximum load of not more than 80KG / only, the floor more choice 15mm or 18mm board more choice 9mm or 12mm board pull nail distance generally about 100mm generally 200 or more Craft panels and boards are generally white latex adhesive, pressure 12-24 hours, at 100 degrees temperature is not blistering, not wrinkle panel and wood generally yellow glue, lamination and not lamination, may be strong Light irradiation blister, wrinkled

    After-sales service Formal manufacturers after-sales service for life-long maintenance, free warranty for 1 year or more Family workshop production No service, out of quality problems can not be solved Other workmanship, good hand, assembly line production, good sealing, high accuracy, the product can With more than five years (the nature of the use of mobile performance) rough workmanship, poor handwork, workshop-type production of poor sealing, accuracy is poor, the product up to one year (mobile performance use) hope this article can give everyone in the purchase of air box helpful Be sure to check the thickness of the box board, casters quality and technology level, or easy quality problems.

    After years of struggle and development, has become the larger luggage hardware accessories production base, its large-scale production, excellent product quality, all varieties have reached the leading domestic level.

    The company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, and established a first-class test center, equipped with computer network systems, the implementation of digital management. Now the company is strong in technology, processing technology are used foreign advanced technology, specializing in the production of standard buckle series, handle series, angle series, hinge series, copper products, iron products, stainless steel products, the corresponding accessories. At the same time to undertake various types of non-standard product design and production, delivery cycle fast, excellent product performance.

    In order to enhance the market competitiveness and meet the different needs of the market, the company cooperates with the competitive and powerful brother enterprises to jointly develop and manufacture a series of buckles, plastic handles and plastic wrap corners. It is especially worth mentioning that the butterfly locks buckle. After several years of market practice test, its mature production technology, cost-effective product performance and improve the product variety can meet your needs and expectations.

    The company implemented advanced sales concepts, and has dozens of professional sales engineers to provide sales of hardware accessories for sale after-sales service. At the same time, the company invited dozens of domestic and foreign professional and technical personnel for the company's research and development equipped with a series of special export buckle lock, Warner featured products for the perfect combination.

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