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  • 军用航空箱




    An enterprise name:Shenzhen apocalypse bags technology co., LTD

    The contact:Mr. Yuan

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    Apocalyptic air box features

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    Apocalyptic air box features

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    Apocalyptic air box features

            First of all, we analyze from the external structure. Generally speaking, we all adopt the box made of relatively rigid box plywood with ABS fire board. The different sides of the box are all used after comparing and Hardness of the aluminum profile to be made.

    The different angles of the air box are fixed by the metal with the higher strength and the aluminum plate with the aluminum plate and the splint connection. The lower part of the box is made of relatively strong and wear-resistant material. Next we will say that the internal structure of the box, the box we made the box in accordance with the characteristics of vertical frequency to install the partition, the box inside the partition and paste the use of a relatively soft EVA composite solid material back .

    This kind of material can show the advantages of light weight, heat preservation, shockproof, moisture proof, flame retardant, oxidation resistance and sealing, etc. The internal structure and materials of the air box all give the advantages of firebox, waterproof, shockproof and mobile convenience for the air box Brought convenience.We also use different Caesar pigments on the outer surface of the fire board, to provide businesses with more choices.

            Shenzhen Tian Kai luggage Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional luggage manufacturer. Main production aviation boxes, aluminum boxes, aluminum boxes, military aviation boxes, military aluminum boxes, medical equipment aluminum boxes, instrument boxes, photographic equipment boxes, trolley aluminum boxes, display rental air boxes, LED display air boxes, stage Lighting aviation boxes, medical equipment, aluminum boxes of various detection equipment Trunk, military aviation boxes, sales of rapid folding screen, projection screen, electric screen, to pull the curtain, 3D screens and build a variety of engineering screens, projection screen.

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