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    Aviation box hardware accessories approach

    Aviation box hardware accessories approach

    Release time:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

    Aviation box is made of aluminum and aluminum alloy, in addition, it also contains a variety of hardware accessories. These hardware accessories on the overall performance of the box also have a great impact, and the quality of these hardware accessories with the treatment they use can be greatly related. So what are the hardware accessories and how to deal with it, below you explain in detail the relevant knowledge.


    Hardware accessories that is through a certain method of forming a coating on the surface of its process, its role is to allow parts oxidation, corrosion, surface appearance, to play its protective effect. Hardware processing methods often have the following methods:

    First, hot dip galvanized: Hardware accessories by immersing the temperature of about 510 ℃ dissolved zinc plating tank to complete. The result is that the surface will gradually form a passivation zinc coating;

    Second, mechanical plating: that is, through the coating of metal particles to impact the product surface, and cold-welded coating to the hardware standard product surface.

    Third, electroplating: The metal parts to be plated are immersed in an aqueous solution containing the deposited metal compound, passed through the plating solution with a current, and the plated metal is deposited and deposited on the part.


    Fourth, the gold parts have not been handled above Whether it is more than five parts quality, performance and other aspects are very different, and then the quality of hardware accessories will further affect the quality of the air box is good or bad.

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